Sunday, May 06, 2007

Scramble up the Eardley escarpment

Kenmore heading down

Today I headed up to the GAT with Mike and Ken to test our luck on one of these new Mountain Man caches (GC107PX). From the parking lot, we passed the hang-gliding path, past several rock climbers, and then veered off towards a small creek cascading through a monstrous rock garden. Then it was a serious scramble up the escarpment as we hopped from rock to boulder and then crawled through the various assortment of thorn bushes.

It was somewhat surprising as we found a plethora of junk hidden among the rock crevices. No smoking sign, large metal bucket, and even a fire extinguisher. Then the mystery was solved as we hit the top and spotted the Western hut. Why is it that people can not resist the urge to chuck junk off a cliff's edge?

Fire extinguisher
Yes, we carried it out even though it wasn't Earth Day.

The next photo is an attempt to show you just how steep and rocky this climb is - not an easy thing to display with a camera.

Cliff side

We were glad to have made the trek today as soon the black flies will drive even a voyageur for cover. Not to mention that all these fresh buds are about to explode and block off this awesome spring time view.

Cheers Grasshopper

Cheers to the GAT! Spring time is definitely a great time to hike in Gatineau Park, so grab your refreshing beverage of choice and come on out.

French meets Dutch

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