Monday, April 30, 2007

Wolf Trail, Gatineau Park

Crouching Tripper

At first the ever changing weather forecast had me thinking twice about heading out into the woods for the day. Then this morning when I awoke so sunshine it was like a sign from the big guy... go hiking in the GAT. Go. Now.

So off I went to P13, the trailhead to the Wolf Trail in Gatineau Park.

The last snow Spring flowers
The last of the snow on the ski hills and some fresh spring flowers.

In the winter, the Wolf Trail is a designated snowshoe trail. It has a few steep sections and at times runs alongside the edge of a cliff. Definitely not something I would want to x-c ski.

View along the Wolf Trail, Gatineau Park

The wind was incredibly strong. During the hike there was the odd crashing sound and on the way out I noticed the top half of a large tree that had fallen across the trail. But aside from the wind the weather was warm and the sun continued to break through the clouds all day long.

I even managed to find a great spot to stop and rest while I logged Bluelamb's Summer Vacation cache. Cheers.

Grolsch time

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