Monday, April 23, 2007

Mackenzie King Estate

Welcome to the Mackenzie King Estate

Today my wife and I did something we haven't done in a long long time. Hiked alone (meaning no kids). It was... well... quiet, and we both enjoyed it tremendously.

We decided to change our original plan to hike The Wolf trail and instead settled for the Lauriault Trail through the Mackenzie King Estate. Surprisingly I had not yet hiked this trail.

First we hit The Abbey.

The Abbey, Mackenzie King Estate
The Abbey, Mackenzie King Estate

Then we relaxed by the waterfall.

Falls along the Lauriault Trail

From there we hiked over to the bench overlooking the Ottawa River and had some lunch and a refreshing beverage. One of us even had a short nap.

View of the Ottawa River

Ahhh, definitely something we'll have to indulge in again. And soon.

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Kenmore said...

Wait a minute... 2 trips to the Gatineau Park in 3 days! The Tripper karma is growing stronger!! Nicely done.

The Mackenzie-King estate is a great destination. He was of course completely insane - building gothic ruins on the lawn, talking to his dead mother "through" the dog... However,if you are able to amass a 50 acre spread in the Gatineau Hills maybe you're crazy like a fox.