Sunday, April 22, 2007

Big snapper rescue

We were heading out for an afternoon hike when we came across these two big snapping turtles attempting to cross the road. We pulled a u-turn and quickly hopped out. Another car had pulled over at about the same time and while one young, but not-so-brave looking, man was asking me if I had any gloves I quickly scooped up the first snapper and moved him safely across to the other side of the busy road.

Snapping turtle rescue
Checking out the snapping turtle

My wife snapped some pics while I carefully picked up the other straggler and carried it to the other side to join its mate. Hopefully I got it right and they weren't steps away from the ditch they were actually trying to get to before I came along to move them back again.

Word of warning... These turtles are called "snapping turtles" for a reason. They are fast. A snapping turtle's head can lunge out of its shell and snap its jaws at you before you can say "holy snappers Batman". Be extra careful folks and keep clear of the snap trap. Oh and don't forget to watch for those wickedly long claws too.

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Zartimus said...

Lookit the nuts on that turtle!