Monday, May 07, 2007

Spring in the GAT

Spring has sprung
Purple trillium Young Yeller

This afternoon Mike, Ken, and I headed back into the GAT for another hike. Although there were some steep hills on this trail they were nothing like yesterday's scramble up the rock garden.

Crossing the beaver dam

We headed in from a secret parking lot near P15. Our first challenge was to navigate over a partially completed beaver dam. This later turned out to be no great victory as Ken pointed out that there was a nice wooden bridge just 30m away. But then again, what fun would that be?

Shortly after the dam we hit an open area on the edge of Lac Carman. This was once the site of some building or other (likely a small cabin) but now the cement foundations are all that remain. Lac Carman is a beautiful little lake with two rocky bluffs on the far side.

Lac Carman

After our hike we headed straight back to the lake in order to relax along the shoreline in the sun and enjoy a refreshing beverage. Thankfully the breeze was just enough to keep the blackflies from driving us into the water for cover.

Relaxing by Lac Carman

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