Sunday, May 27, 2007

Peterborough road trip

Flying the kite

Waited all weekend for a strong enough wind to test out a new kite but no luck. This is about as high as it got. The kite is now back in Holland with my uncle. I do hope he has better luck.

Riverview Park & Zoo Totem pole

On Saturday we headed over to the Peterborough Zoo for a stroll. Things were pretty quiet. The new river otter display was ready to roll... but they have yet to locate some otters. The splash pad was ready for some action... but they had it fenced off.

Dead tired camel

This camel was declared dead by many of the passerbys... but if you looked closely you could see his eyes blink.

Coon in a cage

Later in the weekend we finally managed to catch a pesky coon that had been pillaging the barn for food. The little guy was relocated where he can test his smarts against the wits of the Trent University summer students as they hike along the nearby birdwatcher trails. My money is on the coon.

Pileated Pecker
Managed to snap this shot of a pileated woodpecker knocking about along the Otonabee River.

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Zartimus said...

Nice Racoon pic. At my grandmother's old cottage, I was sitting on the dock once morning and saw the nice little old lady in the cottage across the small inlet walk to the end of her dock with a big cage like the one you have in your picture, secure it to a clip on a rope, and toss it off the end of the dock. She waved at me and walked back to her cottage.

I asked my grandmother what he was doing. I thought it was a trap for minnows or something, to go fishing with. She told me there was a Racoon it in, and she was drowning him. They get in her garbage.

She looked like such a nice lady(grin)...