Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pedal power

Bike path

The past couple of weekends we have found ourselves rediscovering the Ottawa bike paths. Our trips tend to be around 10km or less which may or may not seem like much on a bike but keep in mind that our youngest is still cruising on a contraption that is only one step up from a tricycle. With no gear system she is either pedaling like a hamster in a wheel or hopping off to walk it up a hill.

The important part is everybody is still having fun.
Kickin it

"Fun" while biking in the sun is maintained by inserting soccer, Popsicles, basketball, swimming at the beach, and lots of water and snack breaks.

This weekend we used the Britannia Beach as the starting point. With blue skies and 27°C this place was hopping with sun worshipers, windsurfers, sailboats, and ice cream vendors.

Also hitting the beach in full force were the "Lifeguards in Training". The beach crowd was not bothered in the slightest as whistles were blown and young red bikini clad lifeguards jumped off their stands and hit the water running carting their trusty surfboard.

Lifeguards in Training

I'm happy to say that not one of the 20 odd mock drownings ended in a fatality.

Tiny painted turtle
Some kid on the beach managed to catch this little painted turtle and then submitted it to a series of hand-offs and fumbles.

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