Sunday, June 24, 2007

Montreal Tour II

View of Montreal

Another great deal on an overnight stay in downtown Montreal - on St. Jean Baptiste Day weekend no less!

After never having been to Montreal before we have now made two family trips in the last month. Crazy, eh?

Lac des Castors

This time we started with a walk around Lac des Castors in Mont Royal park. Lazy day picnickers, kites, and dogs chasing Frisbees. Everybody was kicking it back. The only ones working here were the cooks looking after the church buffet. The smell of charcoal bbqs and ethnic food was enough to make our mouths water.

Mounted police giving parking ticket
Passed this Mounted Police officer writing up a parking ticket.
A quick glance at my watch said we better get back to the car.

Dog fountain Wii in the trunk

On the way out we spotted three Wii Smart cars giving demonstrations out of the back hatch. It looked like a lot of fun but our meter was running and our bellies were complaining so we headed out.


After pit stop at the grocery store and a short break at the hotel we strolled back down to Old Montreal. Bellies grumbling (again), we read menu after menu before settling down to a patio table along Place Jacques-Cartier for some pizza, poutine, and chicken fingers. I opted for the Griffon Rousse during the meal and a Green Mountain Coffee to go.

Place Jacques-Cartier
Great ambience.

From here we headed down to the Old Port.

Artist on the port Ice cream, Place Jacques-Cartier, Montreal

Old Port, Montreal

Then back past the Notre-Dame de Montreal cathedral and the line of patient horses and colourful carriages.

Horse and carriage
Notre Dame de Montreal

This last picture showed up in my GPS as "Arc de Triomphe".
Not quite what I expected.
Arc de Triomphe

A nice 6km walking tour by the time we returned to our hotel - almost enough to burn off the poutine.

Another great weekend trip. Smiles all around.

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