Monday, June 11, 2007

Coon raid!

Mama coon calling her 3 babies

Apparently we have some new neighbors. A coon and her three babies. These bandits may be cute but they sure are troublesome.

I was out enjoying an evening on the back deck, having a beer and watching the new solar garden lights flicker on while surfing the net when BLAMMO! I needed another beer.

I stepped inside for about 3 whole minutes and when I returned it was dark. As I opened the patio door all I could hear was a mad scramble as some mischievous critters climbed up our cedar tree. Turns out it was three baby raccoons (aka kits).

Baby coon

As I sipped my beer and snapped off a couple of photos, mama coon sat on the fence staring at me with her evil glowing eyes all the while hissing and calling her little ones.

Mama coon staring me down

They think they're hidden up there high in the tree but their eyes always give them away. Can you spot them?

Can you spot the baby coon?

Eventually I headed inside and mama took her kits and headed off down the road to harass some other home.

Then to top the evening off a skunk decided to tear our garbage apart in search of stale bread crusts and chicken bones. Great. And as if that wasn't enough, the skunk sprayed it's skank all over our front yard... again. Seems like only yesterday that we finally managed to air out our house from the last skunk spaying incident. Of course the truth of the matter is we may just be immune to it now.

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