Monday, February 06, 2006

The Haircut

This will have to go down in history as my worst haircut ever.  But to be honest it was my own fault for going cheap.

I had been to Magicuts only once before and although the hair dresser dude did spook me a little when he mentioned that his other job was at Kanata Auto Parts, he still managed to pull off a reasonable cut.  Today however I should have darted for the door.  Here's a snippett of the conversation that should have tipped me off.

"Where do you normally get your hair cut?"

"Ah, here and there but my last cut was by a guy here at Magicuts."

"Oh that must be Alvin.  Actually he was just starting to teach me about cutting men's hair before he quit on the spot last week."

"Oh really.  Where did he go?"

"I think he found himself a mechanic's job or something."

Great.  I was screwed.  By this time I was already half way through the cut and she had me trapped in the chair.

Here's another tidbit of information that she decided to share with me and the 90 year old lady that was getting her hair permed next to me.  I found it somewhat entertaining but unfortunately I think it distracted her somewhat from concentrating on my haircut.

"Tomorrow's my father's birthday.  He's been spoiled a lot lately, what with Christmas and all.  So yesterday I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, Whadda ya want dad, a card or a pack of smokes?  He said, shit that's easy, a pack of smokes."

I wish she had given me the same option, haircut or a pack of smokes?  At least then I could have sold the smokes on eBay and bought a real haircut. Oh well.

No photo will follow.

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