Monday, January 30, 2006

BvT does the Bonspiel

I spent last weekend curling in Kingston in the Whig Standard Bonspiel. There were over 200 teams competing in four different Kingston area clubs. It was a blast.

As you can well imagine, having only curling once before at a divisional Christmas party, my curling skills were a little ... ahem ... lacking to say the least. Nevertheless we did win one of our 4 games and I managed to fall only once or twice coming out of the hack (and yes, I at least made the shot).

The guys I curled with were a great bunch and we had a lot of laughs between and during games. One of the unforeseen highlights was the house we stayed in for the weekend. It was my friend's wife's father's rental that had recently been vacated by the former residents. As luck would have it, it was located just around the corner from the Royal Kingston Curling Club on University Ave. The very same street where thousands of beautiful university women parade up and down displaying their and winter wear (more like spring as there was no snow on the ground). It was uncanny how these women looked so much alike. Tall, long-legged blondes with their hair pulled back in pony tails. Unfortunately this would represented an exact contrast to the short beer-bellied grey haired men that littered the curling clubs. Oh well, you can't have everything.

The big question is.. will I ever curl again? Yes. But possibly not with this team if they ever want to win.

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