Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Torino 2006

I love the winter Olympics. Aside from hockey, I enjoy watching the skiing, the ski jumping, and all the various toboggan events - luge, skeleton, bobsleigh. And now that I've got my first bonspiel under my belt I even enjoy watching the curling.

And having been born in the Netherlands, I especially love seeing the Dutch compete in the speed skating events. Day 4 and so far they have been to the podium 3 times. In Nagano they scooped an amazing 11 medals in the speed skating events, cleaning house with all 3 medals in the men's 10,000 metres and gold and silver in the men's 5,000 metres. Hup Holland hup!

Women's 3,000m:

#1 Ireen Wust
Netherlands Netherlands

Today I managed to catch the 500m women's race. Although no Dutch skaters nabbed a metal here, I did get to watch one "Manli Wang" (say that out loud... kinda reminds me of the famous "Long Duk Dong" of the movie Sixteen Candles) from China skate to a silver.

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