Friday, February 24, 2006

GAT adventure ends in a bang!

My buddy Mike and I headed up to the GAT this afternoon for some x-c skiing followed by a hike/geocache. The sun was shining and although it was -19°C with the wind chill, it was only about -10°C in the shelter of the GAT forest.

The trails were very icy in some sections making the downhill stretches "interesting".

Hiking can be quite the task in 4 feet of snow.

We polished off the day by stopping in at one of the Chelsea pubs for a snack and an update on the Olympics. Then we headed for home where my family was waiting for me to take them to "Nanny McPhee".

As I was dozing off in the passenger seat thinking of excuses I could use not to have to see the ugliest nanny in movie history... BLAMO!! I was jarred awake by an SUV who decided to rear-end us in the fast lane on the 417 near the Greenbank exit. I only had enough time to yell, "F#@K-ing hell" before we were shoved into the rear-end of the SUV in front of us. BANG! Things weren't looking too good for Mike's (relatively) new Nissan Altima as my view was blocked by his now scrunched up hood. Damn.

The good part is nobody was hurt. The bad part obviously is the state of Mike's car and the headache he'll have to go through with the insurance company. Maybe now he can buy that new Subaru he was (coincidentally) talking about at the end of our ski trip.

As a sidenote, one of the main reasons Mike and I didn't walk away with black eyes and a bloody nose is because the airbags didn't deploy. It turns out that although Mike's engine was pushed back about a foot, his car actually went under the SUV and as a result his bumper never actually hit anything and hence no airbags. Strange set up. Once again it's not safe for the little guy what with all the SUVs and vans on the road.

And yeah, Nanny McPhee was cancelled for the evening but unfortunately it's only been postponed until Saturday night.


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