Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring in the GAT


Finally decided to take a day off work and soak in some of this great spring weather that has slipped into the mix of cold and rain. It was glorious.

The following three photos are all of the same spot at the top of the hill on Trail 9 heading down to Western Hut. Not the same ride in the spring as it is in the winter on xc skis. Those old fogies below would have been diving for their lives with the sound of an out of control BvT barreling down on them.

Spring 2011
Trail 9 to Western
Winter - February 2010 and March 2011
Danger, Trail 9 DANGER on Trail 9

By lunch I had completed a reasonably sized loop earning myself a couple of cheese and onion bun sandwiches and a Bavaria. I wasn't entirely sure where I was going to sit back and enjoy said lunch until I can across the big "X" beside a small runoff cascading over the side of Eardley Escarpment. Sweet. And to top it off there was a perfect breeze keeping the blackflies at bay.

Western (as seen from the outhouse) Lunch at the falls near Western

I saw a bear!! Just as I was spinning around to eye up a picture of a trail sign, when I spotted (and heard) a black bear bolting across the trail only metres away from where I was moments ago. Cool! And boy was he big too! I tried to follow but I was making way too much noise to even hope to get close to him. I went back and snapped the pic to mark the moment. And for the record, no I wasn't able to get a picture - the bear was that quick.

Trail 9... it was here where the bear bolted across the trail


Mark said...

I like the phrase, 'finally decided to take a day off and go to the GAT', as though it is the first time this has ever happened.

Kenmore said...

So when do we go "hunting bear"... with a camera of course...