Tuesday, May 10, 2011


St. Joes vs. St. Pats

I dropped by Sara's school today to catch their season's first touch football exhibition game. It was interesting. Both teams looked strong in the warm-ups - throwing, catching, running - everything appeared to be well oiled and ready to roar.

Well once the whistle blew, things changed a little. There were fewer completed passes a more Hail Marys situations. As an outsider it appeared as if the girls were always waiting for a full scale tackle rather than a friendly touch followed by a raised hand and the ref's whistle. It made for some comical pics.

St. Joes vs. St. Pats
St. Joes vs. St. Pats St. Joes vs. St. Pats St. Joes vs. St. Pats

In the end the match was won by St. Pats on the last play of the game. (boo) Luckily they have a couple more exhibition games on the schedule before they start their 2 week season. GO JAGS!!

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