Saturday, May 07, 2011

Nepean Storm 5 km Race

Emma, 26:38

Ok, officially it is the The EpiPen® TAKE ACTION EVENT (previously the Allergy/Asthma Information Event) but given that there were players from 5-6 different Nepean City Soccer Clubs I think the title fits.

Nepean City
223 Paula meets Pooh

Sara finished 3rd overall (out of 250) and first for her team with a time of 22:55. Emma was not that far behind with a finish of 26:38. Well done girls! We celebrated with a Tim Horton's smoothie (no milk allergies in this house).

Ready, set,...
Sara, 22:55 Emma, 26:38

This was the second year entering the event as part of the team's spring conditioning and I'm sure they'll sign up again next year. As parents we love the small size and the great location and parking. It makes for a quick and painless morning... of course we didn't run so we can say that honestly.

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