Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter is fun


This weekend we headed up to the Neills to catch up on tall tales and enjoy the great outdoors. We skied, we tobogganed, we played hockey, we roasted wieners over an open fire. There is no doubt a-boot it, Canadian winter is fun.

Tobogganing Burning the bush pile

Sunday turned out to be a glorious day thanks to some fresh snow and sunshine. After a monster sized breakfast, we all piled into the Neills' 4x4 vehicles and drove out to a friend's cottage on Hurds Lake. We skied around the lake while Mike hung back and sparked up a fire. After the ski, the kids played a few hours of boot hockey on the lake with the odd Charlie chase when he decided that the orange plastic puck was too hard to resist.

Classic family ski Run Charlie run!
Lakeside rink Lakeside hockey

This place is a winter wonderland. We were well sheltered from the wind up on the shoreline and when the sun decided to tuck behind the clouds we had a roaring fire of pressure treated wood to warm our frosty fingers.

As perfect as the afternoon was I can't wait to come back and test out the orange-juice-jug curling and the corn broom broom-ball events that are already in the hopper. Good times.

Fire by the lakeside Sisters with sticks
Best Friends Serious talk
Having a laugh or two Funny guy

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