Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas turns to 2011


Christmas morning was another hit all around. The highlight would have to be a toss up between the round of new snowshoes for the family or the ringing present that proved to be my daughter's new cell phone.

After the over-hyped unwrapping of presents we settled into the all too familiar routine of cleaning up, packing suitcases, eating lunch, and loading up the van for out trip to Peterborough for Christmas dinner. And yes, it's as tiring as it sounds.

Sara and Delaney McMullans pop in for a xmas visit

Boxing day was slightly more relaxing. We all slept in until about 9am and then pulled ourselves together for some visitors. First the McMullan clan (less Steve as he was working) and then the Weirs (complete with three wee ones). Luckily the weather was holding up and we were able to keep the kids outdoors while the adults got to unwind and sip adult beverages.

447 Emma and her new oranje touque
Here are the girls sporting their newly knitted touques from Oma. Not bad.

Thankfully the weather was great and we were able to get out for a cross country ski and even a test run on the snowshoes. A little holiday exercise is helpful in combating the extra calories consumed.

Amber and Emma
Out for a ski 570
061 090

We also managed to fit in an Arsenal vs Chelsea match with a gaggle of friends at the local Peterborough sports bar. The core crew consisted of Glenn and Donna and ourselves but we were joined by various other high school friends throughout the afternoon/evening. Froggatt, Swinson, Brennan, Dixon, Adams, and various (non-Kenner) spouses sat around sharing stories, drinks, and even a meal next door at Gertie's Pub. Oh, and fyi, the Gunners won the match 3-1.

The gang at Gerties

All in all it was a busy holiday but well worth the effort. It's going to be tough holding my nose to the grindstone next week... well, tougher than usual.

Fire in the sky

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