Friday, July 30, 2010

Chillin' at Charleston Lake

Picnic on Charleston Lake

Our annual summer trip to Charleston Lake always provides a bundle of great memories with the McMullans. This year we added a few more to the vault - the day trip picnics with the canoe, the campfire stories by the glow of the iPhone, the fish tales (complete with photos), multiple trips to the beach (only 50 feet away), rock jumping, gourmet suppers, and of course the snake catching. Good times.

Swimming in Charleston Lake Jumping in
Restin' on dry land IMG_3273

Fishing was good this year, though maybe we only noticed because this time we actually unleashed the poles for a change. We caught several smallies, some large mouth bass, a couple of pike, and the boy even scored a nice sized lake trout while trolling with Steve along the shoreline. Well done.

Sun fish for Sara IMG_3286

IMG_3299 IMG_3301
IMG_3280 IMG_3290

I spotted this large northern water snake just as we were leaving our camp for a day on the water. Sara wanted to catch it but mom said we needed to get going. I kept quiet and snapped the pics.

Northern water snake

Another year come and gone... I can't wait to book 2011.

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