Monday, July 05, 2010

Camping at Watkins Glen


This year we hooked up with the McMullans again and headed across the border for some camping at Watkins Glen State Park. After two back-to-back summers in Cape Cod we decided to try something different. Watkins Glen was the pick due to it's equidistant from both Ottawa and Toronto. As it turned out it was a great pick...


The first stop on our list was to hike the Gorge Trail. It's a very impressive geographical feature complete with hand cut tunnels and a suspension bridge.

IMG_2609 IMG_2585
IMG_2550 IMG_2618

Take note that Watkins Glen State Park does not have a beach. It does have a pool but that can get real busy - especially on July 4th weekend. After a trip to the local beach on Seneca Lake, we reviewed the map and decided to head to Robert H. Treman State Park to check out the swimming at the base of Lower Falls in Enfield Glen gorge.

IMG_2691 Clute Park lifeguards on duty
IMG_2737 IMG_2709

As luck would have it, it wasn't until the very last day that Connor and I discovered a secret swimming hole along the Finger Lakes Trail. After returning back to camp and sharing this tidbit, the rest of the crew decided to join us for a dip in nature's pool.

IMG_2782 IMG_2797

By trip's end we'd realized that we still hadn't checked out the buzz of the nearby Indy track or taste tested one of the 80 wineries in the Finger Lakes region. Next time...

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