Monday, April 19, 2010

Falls and Fire Tower Tour 2010

Luskville fire tower

Gatineau Park: Luskville Falls and fire tower (5.8 km)
Parking Luskville: N45 31.965 W75 59.840
Fire tower: N45 32.669 W75 59.753

It's that time of the year again. Spring has arrived and so has the time to hike up Luskville Falls to the fire tower. Joining us this year to mark year five was Ken, Mike, Dave, and Bryce.

Green Snake Fire tower

Once again the weather was spot on. After the usual halfway pitstop we continued on to the top where we really kicked back and relaxed while we enjoyed some lunch and beverages.

Luskville Falls First view point Spring

Those that climb Bryce makes his way up... slowly Green Snake

All too soon we were packing up and heading back down to the parking lot. You just can't beat a spring hike on a sunny day. Soon the foliage will be back on the trees (greatly limiting the views) and the bugs will be thirsty (greatly limiting the desire to stop for the views). You learn to take it while you can I suppose.

Cheers until next year!!

Group shot

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Kenmore said...

Oh man, you cut me out of that last shot! Upset the balance of the composition too much? ;-)

Tripper said...

No I didn't cut you out. You have a screen size problem. Click on the pic.