Monday, April 26, 2010

Colour returns to the GAT

I see red
Spring in the GAT Yellow flower

Gatineau Park: Bleakney and Wood Trails (11 km)
Parking (Larrimac Golf): N45 33.251 W075 49.700
Tunnel crossing: N45 32.816 W075 50.561

A great day of hiking in Gatineau Park (as are all Mondays). The sun was shining and still the bugs were sleeping. More importantly the colours of spring have begun to pop up through the rusty dead leaves.

This was a new trailhead leading into the GAT for me. I parked at the Larrimac golf course and strolled down the cart path to the start of the trail. My full concentration was on spotting the entrance to the woods as I crossed the green adjusting my pack. My focus broke when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and realized that it was a 70 year old man patiently doing practice swings at the tee. Yikes. Starting the day with a golf ball to the side of the head would not be a good thing.

Tunnel under the highway Please leave me

The highway crossing to the park is two massive tunnels under the divided highway. Whoever designed this must have been a hiker and/or skier. Though I have seen photos of wildlife overpasses used regularly by bear and deer before so I imagine they'd appreciate these tunnels too (as would the drivers).

The hike consisted of a lot of ups and downs (and unders) and several beaver dam crossings between ponds. No doubt a couple of weeks from now this area will be swarming with blackflies though I have no intention of coming back then to verify that theory.

GAT pondGAT pond

My lunch stop was smack in the middle of the trail on a sun warmed stretch of exposed rock. A relaxing day all in all.

Lunch on the trail

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