Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long live the Prez

New chip flavors

The other day we hit the local Loblaws to pick up some of the items highlighted in their latest issue of "President’s Choice Insider’s Report". This particular issue is dedicated to the 1,000 tastes of Canada and showcases products inspired by cultures including Greek, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Mexican,... This trip I was focusing on the beef skewers, ribs, tzatziki, tandori chicken, various sauces, and well, you guessed it, the 12 new flavours of potato chips. These new bags even have their own resealable zip-lock. Wicked.

At 3 for $5, I had dropped 6 in my cart at the main entrance before even entering the actual store. It was pathetic. I then added 3 more bags once I had more items in the trolley that I could use as camouflage (honestly though, you really can't hide 9 bags of potato chips). By now my wife had refused to push the cart and soon wondered off to buy flowers telling me that she would meet me back at the van.

Oh well, they do go well with beer and it is summer time.

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