Monday, June 29, 2009

Hanging out in the backyard

Cooling down with some melon

This weekend the weather was forecast to be wet so we decided to stick around and relax. We played soccer, worked on the garden, BBQ'd, and generally kicked back as we eased into the first weekend of summer '09.

Supper... summer time style

A small collage of game faces from Sara has she battled evil monsters on her NDS after supper on the back patio.

game faces

Here's another "chipmunk up a pipe" photo. These little guys aren't all that brilliant and love to "hide" up in eavestroughs when startled. Duh.

Here's the chippy pic from June '06.

I decided this year to grow some cilantro (aka coriander). I've already started using the cilantro in some of my meals and quickly learned that it has a very strong flavour fresh off the plant. Still good though. What I didn't realize is that cilantro produces tiny white flowers. Cool.


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