Friday, June 19, 2009

Gr.6 grad day

Grade 6 graduation

Graduating from Grade 6... it doesn't quite sound right mixing the word graduation and the number six together but then again when you think about it, it was 8 years in one education facility making it highly likely that this will be the longest stretch of learning they will receive under one roof. Not to mention that this time was spent largely with the same group of friends. Time will tell how many of these girls will remain BFFs but now is the chance to celebrate and enjoy the moment (parents included).

Grade 6 graduation
Sara with Mme. DeNardis and Ms. Dougan After (grade six) party

One of the classmates' parents threw a little - scratch that - big party for the kids at their home in Orchard Estates. The gathering was sponsored by Tim Hortons and Wendy's and they even hired a lifeguard to watch over our wee ones while they created chaos in the pool. There was even a full sized zip-line in the back for the kids to test their wings on. Good times.

PS: Is it just me, or do kids nowadays say "I love you" to their friends way more than we ever did when we were that age? I'm sure the parents are to blame but really, is it such a bad thing?

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paula said...

dad, are you telling me I say I love you to much to my friends? and my friends and I will always will be BFF's! got it?