Sunday, January 04, 2009

A visit with Charlie Neill

Charlie napping

It was the last weekend of the Christmas holidays and we decided to make one last getaway before having to deal with the impending approach of work and school (or for one of us both). After a quick call to the Neills, and their shuffling of prior dinner plans, we were off to Burnstown.

As an added bonus we would get to see Charlie their new puppy that had arrived only the day before. Charlie is a Gordon Setter and a damn cute one at that. Oh, and he is also a genius.

Fireman Mikey
Ice slide

We spent the day catching up on each other's busy lives and filled the spaces with music, fine food, bonfires, a beer or two, and many doses of Charlie.

Mike on banjo
Tea break for Laurel Down Charlie

Laurel spent a large part of the day buzzing about the kitchen cooking and baking up a storm. There is nothing like fresh chocolate chip Skor cookies... or fresh cheddar corn scones... or venison barley soup with red wine and garlic... or venison hamburgers... or homemade Belgian waffles... or venison and spinach lasagna... I think you get the idea. It was fine dining indeed.

Chocolate chip Skor

By the end of the visit we felt recharged and ready to take on Monday. Thanks guys.

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