Sunday, January 18, 2009

Skate on the Rideau

5.0 mark on the Rideau Canal

This morning I awoke to a -26°C wind chill and a mild case of cabin fever. Rather than a morning outing I decided to run some errands and wait for the afternoon's balmy forecast of -17°C (with wind chill) before heading outdoors to get some exercise. By noon things were looking up so we flipped a few coins and took a family vote before settling on a skate on the Rideau canal. (Personally I think it was the potential for Beaver Tails that pushed the final vote in that direction.)

As per usual we parked in one of the back Carleton U parking lots and laced up on Dow's Lake. Although it was warmer it was still windy and overcast and by now the snow had started falling. Rather than fight the wind blowing across Dow's we decided to head down the canal towards Landsdowne Place.

The ice was rough after what I assumed to be a busy weekend of skating and I swear some of the cracks were large enough to swallow a Smart Car but to be fair, the plough and the ice scraper guys were working hard on the repairs. The trick was to follow them close enough to enjoy the fresh ice surface and block some wind but at the same time stay far enough back so as not to get run over.

The skate back to Dow's was much more enjoyable with the wind at our backs and the growing smell of fresh Beaver Tail.

Enjoying some beaver tail
...of course we stopped

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