Sunday, January 11, 2009

First family ski of '09

Virgin snow

The plan was to go for a family ski today. The "where" was undecided until the very last possible minute.

The first plan was to drive out to Gatineau Park but that wouldn't leave us with much time to relax back at home. Plan B was a set of trails along Corkstown Rd (see map of the 25 km of trails) but as we exited the 416 we noticed that there was a new blockade set up to keep drivers from whipping across 4-5 lanes to make the Moodie off ramp. Hmmm, decisions decisions.

Finally as we took the next exit I decided not to cut back to Corkstown but to head down March Road to the South March/Kanata Lakes ski trails. These trails are shared by skiers, snowshoers, and dog walkers but for the most part they are kept in reasonably good shape for us x-c folk.

Breaking trail

Turned out to be a good choice too. Sun was shining, trails were in good shape, and the crowd level was near zero. After a couple of hours we headed back home for some homemade soup and pancakes for lunch.

The gang on skis

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