Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last GAT hike of 2008


Gatineau Park: Lac Hatchet (5 km)
Parking: N45 34.764 W76 05.502
Lac Hatchet: N45 34.896 W76 06.743

Mike, Ken, and I decided to take this day to hike what may very well end up being our last hike in Gatineau park before it's time to slap on the skis and slide on the white stuff. This time we decided to explore one of the more remote trails in the north west end of the park along the Eardley Escarpment. The first and last time I was hiking on this trail was last May. As you can see from my blog, it was much greener and alive looking back in the spring in comparison to today's rusty browns and dull greys.

May 2008
Green forest
Look forest, no leaves
November 2008

Today was a day to relax and reminisce about all the great hikes we collectively managed to squeeze into what seems to be an ever shrinking hiking season. We even took a moment to present Kenmore with his 46er prize that Mike, Dave, and I created for him to celebrate his accomplishment. Now every time he dons his new t-shirt he will think of the Adirondacks, his friends and hiking partners, and ... umm, Bigfoot (did you spot him in the right corner of the shirt?).

Kenmore accepts his 46er prize

Some time around noon we found a rocky spot with a great view of the Ottawa River and sat down to enjoy some lunch and a pint. There was a light dusting of snow in the air but it didn't amount to anything that would actually stick. Soon enough though this whole area will be blanketed in snow. (exciting, isn't it?)

Group shot
Lunch time Gnarly root

After lunch we hiked in to Lac Hatchet where we stopped at at a rocky point overlooking the lake and a beaver house. Ken and I enjoyed another pint while Mike wandered around snapping photos for one of the many calendars he plans to print up for his friends and family this Christmas. This year he seems to be working a few different themes. Personally, I'm holding out for the "Views from the 2 foot tall hiker" calendar.

Mike tries for an new angle

Slowly we started to make our way back to the car. After a few more stops and pauses to enjoy the view I started to realize that what we were really doing was postponing the inevitable. The end of the hike, the day, and another season.

View of the Ottawa River

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