Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Apple picking

Saturday morning I rushed out with the kids to pick apples at the local pick-your-own farm. The apples were perfect. We opted for the row of Empires and had two small baskets full from one tree alone. I had to scrounge up some change from the van (I rarely carry cash anymore) in order to pay for them but I pulled it off without having to pawn off one of my children as cheap labor collateral.

Frosty apple

From there we zipped over to the grocery store to pick up the last of the missing items from what was about to be the second Thanksgiving dinner ever served at our house. Normally we head out of town for a feast with family and friends but this year we're not heading back to the hometown until later in the month.

Our special guests were coming to stay the weekend... actually its the very same family of friends that came for our first in-house Thanksgiving. And once again they were going to cook the turkey. A sweet deal indeed. (mark that down as another thing I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving)


The girls cooked up a storm while the men sat around being men and the kids took turns playing with Izzy the dog. A sweet deal in hindsight. (yet another thing I'm thankful for)

Turkey stuffed, and stuck in the oven we headed out for a fall hike around the local dog park. Actually Bruce Pit is no simple doggy park, this is heaven for both the dog and the dog owner. And in the winter it makes for a smoking toboggan hill too.

A walk thru the dog park

We arrived back home to the delicious smell of turkey and fresh apple crisp. Added to the dessert table was a delectable pumpkin cheese cake from Swiss Pastries.

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
A hungry looking bunch.

The weekend ended up being perfect - good friends, great food, blue skies, and the fall colours at their peak. Thanks be to God and Mother Nature... hmmm, are they one in the same?

Tree on fire

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