Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apple picking time again

Apple pickers

More apples! The last batch were delicious or should I say, Empire. We just had to get out and pick some more (and get them in a yummy pie or crisp) before the season passed us by.

Mysterious apple machine
Mysterious apple machine. I'm not sure if it picks or peels or houses illegal immigrants who jump out at night to make a couple of bucks.

In our house we use an awesome little apple peeler from Lee Valley that makes short order of an apple under the right supervision. Peels and cores in less than 5 seconds. Sweet.

The apple train

This mini train wasn't operating but the bell certainly was working fine. The entire time we were out there picking we could hear it going off as everybody and their grandma just had to give it a pull. What could be more fun?

Pick Your Own

This is turning into a regular family outing and yes, we'll be back again next year.

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