Sunday, July 20, 2008

Peter-patch road trip

Raspberry picking

This weekend was an impromptu road trip to Peterborough. Family, friends, good food and good times.

Friday night we hit the town with my cousin Rob and his lovely wife Connie for dinner at Gerties on Hunter St. Food was awesome. We all ordered something different and we all enjoyed our meals immensely. I for one can't wait to try something else off the menu.

Splash park

Saturday afternoon was a hot one so we all hit the new splash park at the Peterborough Zoo - myself included. It was refreshing and fun although somewhat stressful as I had to dodge the little water rats at every step. The worst was the kid that decided to go off his Ritalin and take over the water gun for the day. He wouldn't give it up until his Grandpa came over and told him (more than once) to let the other kids have a turn. Thanks Gramps.

After the cool down we decided to go raspberry picking and then over to Reid's Dairy for some Loonie Shakes. Yummy.

Raspberry picking

All weekend long there was a busy mother Robin feeding three hungry mouths. The nest was just above the light to the front door so we got to see all the action. Occasionally we were were squawked at for coming too close to the little ones but hey, I was willing to take the risk for this great pic.

Robin feeding babies
Baby robins
Check out the spiked hairdo on this one.

Makin' memories.

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