Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day, eh!!

Strawberries and a Saranac Summer Ale

Today Canada Day landed on a Tuesday. Most folks took the Monday off making an extra long weekend but I opted to save the vacation day for bigger plans and took the midweek holiday.

In the morning we did some relaxing on the back patio with a coffee and the latest issue of MacLeans. It certainly was nice to see the sun and enjoy the outdoors.

After some chores and some lunch we headed out to the nearest strawberry farm to pick our fill of berries. We had four baskets in no time at all. This year we had the option of little or mutant size. We picked some of each but after half a basket of mutant size we voted to finish up with the little ones. The mutant berries were about the size and shape of monkey brains and after eating some tiny wild strawberries last week we unanimously decided that the smaller the sweeter.

A summer supper

Supper was running a little late but well worth the wait. I barbecued some chicken in the PC Memories of San Francisco Lemon and Ginger sauce. Side dishes consisted of coloured pasta, pumpernickel rye bread, and some fresh strawberries. All washed down with a pint or two of Saranac ales.

Kanata's Canada Day celebrations

A quick clean up, the application of a tattoo or two, and we were all on our way to celebrate a Kanata Canada Day. We scored an awesome parking spot near the festivities, and were sitting down in front of the stage by 8:20pm. Ten minutes later April Wine hit the stage and rocked the crowd of 25,000.

April Wine play Canada Day

They played a series of classics such as, Enough is Enough, Tonight is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love, Roller, Sign of The Gypsy Queen, Say Hello, You Could Have Been A Lady, and Oowatanite. By 10pm the encore had wrapped up and the fireworks following shortly thereafter. And a great show it was too.

Kanata's Canada Day fireworks
Kanata's Canada Day fireworks Kanata's Canada Day fireworks
Kanata's Canada Day fireworks
Happy Birthday Canada!!


Kenmore said...

Saranac Lake Brewery? What about a Boreale Blonde, or a Steam Whistle or a Kawartha Lakes Brewery beer?

"Memories of San Fransisco"?!? For shame!! How 'bout "Memories of Canmore" or Winnepeg Jerk Chicken sauce!!

On Canada Day no less..... ;-)

Good call on the Kanata show. I fought my way part way downtown for the big fireworks show and gave up and parked (in the middle of Sussex mind you - I was not alone) when the bombs started bursting in air.

Tripper said...

All very good points Kenmore. I guess I got wrapped up in the "summer theme" and forgot about the Canadian thang... other than the "wear yer red eh". If I told you I had my toque on would that make up for it?

We did get real lucky with the Kanata fireworks trip. We were in and out with absolutely no problem.