Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bike ride along the Rideau

Biking along the Rideau Canal

Yesterday was a slow day as we continued to unpack from our recent camping trip. It was quite late in the day when we finally picked a bike ride along the Rideau canal over a paddle on the Rideau canal.

Biking along the Rideau Canal

We were going to start at Hog's Back Falls but as luck would have it today was the day of the world renown Hope Volleyball Tournament. So we headed down a little further and lucked out with a spot along the Arboretum. From there we biked down and around Dow's Lake and back up the canal to Mooney's Bay.

Biking along the Rideau Canal

Snacks were lacking but fluids were plenty as I had the kids testing out their new bladders from MEC. They were a definite hit.

Afterwards we headed home for fresh honey garlic sausages on the BBQ with a side order of Quebec maple syrup and brown beans. Mmm mmm good.


Mic said...

Nice head Kazoo! and what exactly is "fresh sausage"?

Tripper said...

I hate bike helmets. And you're right I do look like The Great Kazoo from the Flintstones.

"Fresh" means local butcher. I suppose I should have just said that.

Tripper said...

For all you wondering who The Great Gazoo is... click here