Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pancake Bay 2007

My favourite bench

Another Pancake Bay trip come and gone. The good thing is they just seem to get better and better. All of the kids are growing up and seem more willing to leave the beach and do some exploring. The weather was perfect - lots of sun without too much humidity, some winds without causing huge whitecaps on Lake Superior, and cool evenings for sleeping.

The kids and I went snorkeling and hiking nearly every day. We all had a great time.

Bear warning sign
Checking out the view of Pancake Bay Mica Bay snorkelers

Other days I played boci with the adults, floated for hours on the tube, hiked down to the lagoon at sunset, or just mellowed out on the beach.

The sunset gang
Campfire on the beach Bleached crayfish claw
The whole gang

Before leaving we returned Gary-Mark Billabon to his hiding spot and said our good-byes. Until next year...

Gary-Mark and gang

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