Monday, August 27, 2007

Paddle up the Petawawa

McManus Lake, Algonquin Park

Wednesday morning my buddy Mikey and I headed up the Petawawa River for some fishing and some relaxation. We were somewhat skeptical after following the forecast for a few days and seeing that they were predicting rain, rain, and even the occasional thunderstorm but being the hardcore outdoorsmen that we are we decided to take our chances.

First fish of the trip
First fish of the trip.

The weekend consisted of paddling, fishing, hiking, swimming, and a few pints mixed in here and there.

Whitson Lake, Algonquin Park
View of Whitson Lake.

The devastation left behind after the storm on July 5, 1999 was still clearly visible on McManus Lake. Thankfully it didn't tear up the entire length of the Petawawa as signs of fallen trees faded shortly after Smith Lake.

Flowers along Smith Lake

And as it turned out, the weather was overcast nearly the entire trip but it was surprisingly nice and warm even through the night. Hopefully we can squeeze in one more of these trips before the snow comes.

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