Monday, August 20, 2007

Mont Cascades

View from The Vortex at Mont Cascades

Today the family and I woke up to sunshine and a chilly 7 degrees Celsius. A picture perfect day to head up to the Mont Cascades Waterpark in Quebec.

Our first ride was on Space River. It's an awesome 5 person tube ride down a huge black tunnel spotted with visions of stars in the ceiling.

Space River

Having hit the park right at the 10am opening time I guess we also took our chances with a teenage crew only just out of bed. As it turns out, our personal "launcher" for our first ever run down Space River failed to provide us with a rather simple yet important message. The message being to "lean forward" at the end of the tunnel.

Well when we came whipping out of that tunnel papa bear was screaming and laughing and yes, leaning back HARD. Blammo! I was quickly plowed under the water and under the entire raft only to pop up on the other side to find my family looking at me like I'd just performed the greatest Houdini trick ever. Not knowing any better I took my dunking for the team and promised them all that I would ride in the ejection seat for all the rides. The next ride was again Space River and thankfully we were provided with the secret "lean forward" message.

From then on it was smooth sailing... or should I say smooth sliding.

Mammouth River
Mammouth River Tangerine Twister
River Rapids

While I tested out all the rides several times the rest of the family passed on at least two (The Vortex being one of them). I'm thinking that the summer they try them all will be the summer we start looking for a bigger waterpark destination. Until then, we've all agreed to make this an annual outing.

Stay tuned for the video clips...


Michael said...

That toilet bowl ride (vortex) is awesome! And the Black magic is best if your duo comes close to the recommended weight allowance (ricket fuelled). My only complaint is the icy cold water that they use.

Kenmore said...

Man, 7 degrees doesn't sound like a great day for the waterpark... although I suppose it would provide short lineups. Looks like fun times were had though...

Tripper said...

Thankfully it warmed up by the time the gate opened at 10am and then slightly more again by noon. I think the max was about 22. Yeah, no line ups that's for sure.