Friday, February 16, 2007

Twig slaps on the boards after 20 years

This weekend we had a visit from an old high school buddy of mine. Day one we decided to tackle the x-c ski trails of Gatineau Park so we rented some skis for the day from Trailhead for $15 and headed off to P10.

We left a little late in order to give the sun a chance to warm things up. Forecast was about -23°C in the morning warming up to -9°C by the afternoon. Sun was shining when we rolled into the parking lot and we paid our fee and headed off down... I mean up the trail. From P10 it's about a 3.5km gradual climb up to Keogan chalet.

Twiggy on skis Twig and I x-c skiing in the GAT

Hit the chalet just after lunch and warmed up some awesome turkey, cheese, and garlic sauce sandwiches on the woodstove.

The weather was warming up as predicted and we were feeling energized after the little rest and some food so we decided to ski another few kilometres past Shilly Shally to Huron hut. As we were leaving who should top the hill in front of us but my other x-c ski buddy Mike. Introductions were made and then Mike decided to postpone his lunch to join us on our ski to the next hut.

Kicking it back at Huron cabin

After another snack break at Huron we skied off to check out the view of the Ottawa river. Awesome.

Ottawa River winter view

Then the fun started as we made our way DOWN HILL back to the car. Check out some of the video...

PS: Due to some technical difficulty the awesome clip of the Twigman coming down this hill has been lost. Needless to say it was a hell of a ride that likely would have won us the $10,000 prize from America's Funniest Videos.

Good times.

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