Sunday, September 17, 2006

Murphys Point getaway

Our tent

With an awesome weekend forecast (sunny and 30 degrees with the humidex) we decided to pack up the tent Saturday morning and head off to Murphys Point for some rest and relaxation.

Well I swear these weathermen are getting worse and worse every year at their job. As we neared Perth the entire sky darkened shrouding us under a thick gloomy cloud. It didn't look good but we toughed it out and sure enough it cleared up around 2pm and we headed for the beach to catch some rays.

Kids (and I) spent the better part of the day catching snakes and frogs. Beach activities for the kids consisted mainly of "giving the frogs swimming lessons" as they dove under the water's surface with an unsuspecting frog in their hand. Luckily frogs are quite adept at this sort of thing.

As per usual, here are some photos:

This northern water snake got a little ornery when my daughter plucked him from the rock he was sunning on. He actually bit her and drew blood. Left a small tooth behind in her arm too. Ouch. Later one of the ribbon snakes managed to express his desire to be left alone when he bit me not once but four times. Fast and furious little critters. No worries though, we survived and caught plenty more snakes the next day.

IMG_2149-2 IMG_2162-2

Spider on a dewy web A bullfrog's view

IMG_2024 Murphys Point beach at dusk
As you can see from these beach shots, we practically had the park to ourselves.

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