Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dragons, wasps, porcupines, and "pigs" in the mud

This weekend was quite eventful. Friday night I finally took the kids to see Lucy's bearded dragon. Actually she now has two of the little monsters.

Bearded dragon Bearded dragon

All in all we had a great time playing with them and watching the male get all worked up over the female whom he was forbidden to touch. Personally I don't blame him, she was pretty hot.

Saturday we did some hiking in the morning and then back at it in the afternoon. Unfortunately the afternoon proved to be a bit of a write off after we were stung by wasps and steered away from the trail by a porcupine and delayed by an accident (don't worry, it wasn't us and nobody appeared to be seriously hurt).

Mr. Prickles Accident

Sunday I took the kids biking down the mud filled trails of the Marlboro Forrest. We were about 1/2 km down the trail when a cruiser passed us with its lights flashing. Luckily I chose not to make a break for it leaving the kids behind and decided to ask him what was up. He said that his partner had managed to get himself stuck and he was going in to have a laugh at him. I found out later that his partner was actually on duty in his own police cruiser.

"Pigs" in the mud. What a scene. After helping them out we traded a few stuck in the mud stories and had a few laughs. I offered them a beer and a doobie but they declined.

Marlboro Man

All in all another fun and exciting weekend.

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GWilliker said...

HAHAHA! The nazis at work block flickr so I can't see your pics. I'm having fun trying to picture Lucy's bearded dragons!!!