Sunday, September 24, 2006

Last camping trip for 2006?

Friday we hooked up with some friends in Charleston Lake Provincial Park for what may possibly have been our last (family) camping trip of the year. That makes it 3 weekends in a row this month, certainly a record. Gotta love fall camping.

The forecast wasn't the greatest but after waking up Friday morning and seeing Saturday downgraded from 80% to 30% chance of rain we decided to go for it. Glad we did too, it was definitely a success all around. Here are some pics that more or less tell the tale...

Walking stick
Walking stick, a very rare find. This may possibly be due to it being so extremely well camouflaged. But that's just a guess.

Shoreline Centennial Trail Crayfish claws Big fat toad

Here's one critter that will sure miss all the campers and the free grub.

Cheers and until next year...


Have a rainbow day.

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