Saturday, August 05, 2006

Camping in Algonquin


Just returned from a 3 day adventure in Algonquin Park with the Mics. Three days was not nearly long enough but when we booked it was all we could get before the long weekend.

Pog Lake, Algonquin Park IMG_6011

Weather wise, we made out pretty good. The first day was the hottest day of the summer reaching 48 degrees with the humidex in the city. We survived by sitting on the windy shores of Pog Lake swimming and sipping refreshing beverages.

IMG_5976 IMG_5967


IMG_6024 Plug nose and jump

The next day was the big tornado warning day but the storm didn't hit us until around supper time. It was a crazy dump of rain. In between dumping the tarp, cooking up steaks and sausage on the barbie, I had to move quickly to create a stream to let out the huge lake that was forming around out tent trailer. Anyhow all in all it was an early night for the gang but the reward was a well rested crew and two more days of sunshine.

IMG_6031 IMG_6025

IMG_6023 Roasting marshmallows

Our last full day was spend on this tiny rock island in the middle of Lake of Two Rivers. We had a blast. The Mics baked and burned in the sun even with frequent lathering of SPF 30.

On top of everything we celebrated 3 birthdays during our 4 day stay in the park.

IMG_5955 IMG_6064

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