Sunday, July 30, 2006

J&K get hitched...

This weekend we were in town for Jake and Krista's wedding. The whole family was down for the big event. We nearly died in the church/oven as the temperature reached 66 degrees but thankfully it was not the full one hour Catholic service and we managed to stumble out into the sweltering heat without causalties.

After that it was smooth sailing. We ate, we drank (some more than others), we toasted some excellent speeches, and then we drank, danced, and ate some more. Thanks J&K for including us in your big day and may you both live "happily ever after".

Here's a selection of pics.

IMG_5768 IMG_5798

IMG_5826 IMG_5820

IMG_5809 IMG_5814

IMG_5805 IMG_5831

For more pics click on Jake and Krista's wedding. (more pics will follow as others email me theirs)

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