Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Camping at Charleston


What a great week to go camping. The weather was great, the camping companions were great, the campsite was great,... everything was just (insert drumroll) great.

We arrived around noon on the Monday and had to fix up a little lunch in the nearby hiking trail parking lot while we waited for the other campers to vacate our site. Finally right at the 2pm cut-off they rolled out and we rolled in. Popped up the tent trailer and set up an extra tent for whoever wanted to sleep with the coons. Then we headed off to the Bayside beach for some well deserved R&R.

We did it all - fished, snorkeled, canoed, geocached, hiked, beach-baked, swam, roasted marshmallows, caught snakes, sailed, and most important of all relaxed and had a couple of pints. The "Tiny Heinys" proved to be the beer of the weekend keeping nice and cold in the ice box.

Here are some of the pics of the various activities...

Snake skin
Snake skin


Kids love snakes

IMG_4915 IMG_5189
Snake charmer

Nightshot - playing with a glowing poker and the camera's settings. We had a blast coming up with various things to write (most of which can not be blogged)

IMG_4997 IMG_4859
More nightshots

IMG_4760 IMG_4717
Canoe day on Charleston Lake

IMG_4712 IMG_4981
Life's a beach

We had a blast with Uncle Michael and I'm pretty sure he's already booked time off for next year's trip.


Catching the sunset IMG_5217
Now if we could just capture this moment and freeze it in time...

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Deadbeat said...

Dude, you have always have the deadliest pictures. I wish I could do that stuff.