Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cold caulking and birthday balloons

I had the ladder out yesterday to do some caulking around some of the windows. Note to all you blog readers out there, cold weather does nothing for your caulk (pun intended). It was like working with sticky gum. There was some cursing.

Anyhow I figured since I already had the ladder out I might as well put up the Christmas lights. Well they're up now and as a bonus this year I managed not to scare the neighbours half to death by falling off the ladder into the front shrub. Likely had something to due with the fact that I ripped up that evil eye-sore last summer. Revenge is sweet.

Here's a shot of the lights later that evening.

Christmas light glow

Saturday afternoon Sara had her bithday party with 4 of her school friends. We took them to see Chicken Little at the new Barrhaven theatre and to make a long story short there were some mix ups and after the movie we were given several free admissions and one adult refund. Cha-ching.

Five 8 year old girls, 25 balloons, and no flash... chaos!

Sara's birthday balloon fight

Happy Birthday Sara.

Birthday cake glow

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