Friday, November 11, 2005

Closing of the 2005 hiking season in Gatineau Park

Spent the better part of Friday hiking with a friend in Gatineau park. The weather was amazing considering it's Remembrance Day.

Here are some of the pics... oh, if you're looking for an incredibly simple and cool way to stitch together your panoramic photos check out Autostitch. All you do is snap all the photos that you want to use for your panoramic view (up down, left right, just keep clicking away) and then just drop them in any order into Autostitch and BLAMO! Instant pano. It's truly amazing.

Lac La Peche

Hello from the Shores of Lac Curly

Rusty's walk (Gatineau Park)

Tripper at Lac La Peche

Wading over to the island on Lac La Peche.

Wading to be found

Damn right it was cold, but it was the perfect spot to enjoy the view, a refreshing pint, and end the 2005 hiking season.


Rusty's walk

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