Friday, March 11, 2011

Winter wind down

Approaching Taylor Yurt

A couple ski trips to the GAT before the rain falls. One to Lusk Cabin and another to Western Hut. Both great trails, but the solitude of the Lusk-Taylor lake loop just can't be beat.

Lusk Cabin... all to myself Cheers from Lusk

A few days after my success at Lusk I decided to head to Western via Shilly Shally and Huron. The return flight down black diamond 9, complete with three sections flagged off with "DANGER" tape, was a blast. Another great day highlighted by the fact that I didn't sustain any injuries.

Western Trail DANGER on Trail 9

The weekend dropped a few more inches of snow on top of a couple days rain but just enough for the family to get out into the local Greenbelt. It was a dull gray day but the snow conditions were near perfect. Sadly this may prove to be our last family xc ski outing. Time will tell.

Mommy's down! Safe landing

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