Monday, March 14, 2011

Snowshoe to Annapurna


Again we seem to be tackling the days between the rainfall but beggars can't be choosers. As it turned out this was a postcard day for a snowshoe run back into the Neill's Annapurna hunting cabin.

Approaching Annapurna Stoking the fire
Bear skin Starting up the stove

The next morning brought sunshine and a monster breakfast of homemade waffles, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs with salsa, sausage, grapes and strawberries. Loaded up we decided to make for one more hike on the nearby snowmobile trails. Snowshoes were left in the van as we gingerly shuffled down the icy road leading to the trails. Once on the compacted ski-doo trails we leisurely strolled through the rolling hills soaking in a heavy dose of vitamin D. All along the way we noticed different animal tracks crisscrossing the trail - mice or moles, squirrel, coyote, fisher or fox, ruffed grouse, deer, and of course dog (aka Charlie). We even left a mark or two of our own in the snow that unfortunately can not be posted here on this family friendly blog (Hi Grandma!) ;)

Taking a break
A great start to March Break 2011.

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