Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lake Curling

On the button

Two weeks later and we were back on Hurds Lake for some outdoor curling with the Neills. The rink was cleared and the rings were sprayed in a bright red. As instructed we had all froze our family size OJ containers and after a few practice shots we were ready to curl. Game on.

Immediately the chants and disses started up from the backbenchers. "We're lord of the rings!" and "You couldn't hit your own bellybutton!" were two of the faves. Team Mikey and Sara ended up winning the round robin but hey all things considered, we were all winners that afternoon.

Mikey tosses one off Canuck Pale Ale
Katie and Clovis Emma and Charlie

The rest of the day consisted of boot hockey, tobogganing, wieners by the fire, and chitchat. All said and done we spent nearly 6 hours in the great outdoors. Good times.

Warming by the fire Flooding the rink

Sadly enough the weather took a turn on the drive home as it poured rain all the way back to Ottawa. Booo!!

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