Sunday, February 21, 2010

Walking the dog

Amber at Bruce Pit

My parents were in town visiting the grand kids and dropping off imported stroopwafels from the motherland. Saturday morning we watched the kids play Futsal and then rushed back home to catch more of the Olympics.

Sunday morning we took Amber for a stroll through the Bruce Pit dog park. Having never really been around this many strange dogs before (only cows) Amber fared quite well. After only a couple of barking incidents in the parking lot she was as good as gold and thoroughly enjoyed the multi-dog-cultural tour through the park.

IMG_6577 Culvert crawling

We had brought along a couple of tennis balls but with so many new sights and smells (don't ask) there was no way that this dog was going to fetch a boring old ball. Needless to say she slept well Sunday afternoon.


Michael said...

Hmm, inner lane, no, outer lane, no inner lane....ahhh vloek Stroopwafel!!!

Anonymous said...

nice i love the pics of march brake!!